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Overview: The TRX Outdoor Boot Camp is operated by the most motivated, compassionate and skillful Fitness Instructor, Trish Kitoko. Trish designs programs that are fun, exciting and doable.

Mission: Our goal at TRX Outdoor Boot Camp is to leave you filling pumped-up and your muscles sore within fifteen minutes of working out.

Biography: Trish Kitoko earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Metropolitan College of New York in 2003 (Dean’s List). She acquired her Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Spinning Certification from Madd Dog Athletics and TRX Suspension Training from Fitness Anywhere, Inc. Her studies at Annette Land Integrated Stretching further helped her learn to work with people with special needs.

Description: At TRX Outdoor Boot Camp, words like commitment, attendance and consistency reflect on our success. TRX Enthusiasts immediately feel unused muscles responding to the exercise movement each step of the way. Our style perfectly suits people of all fitness levels. It comes to no surprise that most of our members lose at least 5 lbs. within the first month! TRX Outdoor Boot Camp is fun and exciting. I don't see how anyone wouldn't want to embrace this experience.

Safety: Trish takes a very methodical and careful approach to your training needs, especially if you are a beginner. She is dedicated to helping you look, feel, and live better. She works with all levels of fitness from beginner to experienced and tailors workouts based on individual's needs and fitness goals.

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